Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Well school has come and gone. I made it. I finished my first semester back with all A's and B's. I'm pretty happy. I have 2 semesters left then my internship. I'm hoping within 12-18 months I'll have a "real" FT job. I'm very much looking forward to that.

Madison has one day left (Tuesday) then she will be done with 1st grade. She's done pretty well. She is still struggling, but she's doing her best which is all I can ever ask for.

Wyatt graduated preschool! He's sad to leave, but I know he'll have fun in Kindergarten. He keeps saying he's not going to have fun there and wants to stay at preschool. I'm sure it's just the jitters though. I'm sure once he and Maddy have their first recess together he will be more relaxed.

My big girl has lost 2 teeth already! And her adult teeth are already starting to grow in!

Tooth #1

Tooth #2

She's still reading like a champ and we're going to get her into chapter books. My plan is Tuesday  I will pick her up from school then we will have some girl time together and go to the library for her first chapter book. I saw a website for the 100 Best Children's Chapter Books (thanks Pinterest!) and thought I'd start her out with one of those. She loves her current books, but I can tell she's getting a little bored with them. Hopefully this will help her reading comprehension too.

We're hoping to get her into swimming next month. We will probably do one at a time, so we'll probably have Wyatt take his lessons in the fall. We're probably going to do it at Blackhawk. That's where I took swimming lessons--all those years ago. :P

Wyatt turned 5 last month! It's so hard to believe my baby is so old. I keep telling him: "Even when you're 30 you'll still be my baby!" He probably doesn't understand, but I'll probably keep telling him that even when he's a teenager. I can picture him saying "oh mom" and rolling his eyes already.

I'm very much looking forward to the summer. I want to go the the museum, go swimming, go to the sprinklers at Schweibert park, go to the zoo, have ice cream for supper, [just one night though ;)] go camping in the backyard, go on picnics, go to different parks, go fishing, and we might possibly go to Adventure Land. (Which is an amusement park we have here.) And everything else we can come up with.

The kids in our little pool we got. (Only $25 at K-Mart--score!)

I'm looking forward to the fall too, but summer is here and I want to enjoy that to the fullest!

I also saw a website about DIY Summer School for Kids. (Again, thank you Pinterest!) I read all about it and it sounds really great. I know Maddy for sure would definitely benefit from this. I'm going to work with Wyatt of course too. He knows pretty much all he needs for Kindergarten, but our main goal this summer is for him to write his name. He can write his T's pretty well, so that's a start.

I've started gardening. My grandma has helped me with my front and backyards. Here's a few pictures. They have grown a lot more over these past few weeks. I'll post a updated picture of them soon.

Front yard

Backyard (Purple and yellow flowers for my loves. <3)

It's been updated, and I'm anxious to share the pictures....soon. :)

Greg also wants to start a vegetable garden. We have a cherry tomato plant started. They're still green, but I'm anxious to taste one once they're done growing. YUM. We also have some wild strawberry plants. They were there when we bought the house, we just never noticed. We're taking care of them now. They're starting to bud, and I'm anxious to see how they turn out. I've read that they either taste really sweet or don't taste at all. So hopefully they're the sweet ones.

Well it's almost time for everyone to rise and shine so I'd better get to it. But first...I need some coffee! ;)

P&L -- Have a great weekend and Memorial Day. Take a minute to remember those who served our wonderful country for us.