Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week in Review

I haven't decided if I'm going to do a week in review every Saturday, or a weekend in review. I guess it just depends on how I feel and what people want to see.

Well we all had Monday off for Memorial Day. We cooked out even though it was unseasonably cold. It's been so chilly and it's been raining all the time. And yes our basement floods. Yuck. We had a good day though.

They LOVE watermelon

Tuesday was Madison's last day of 1st grade! She said she had a good time and is already anxious to start 2nd grade in the fall. Slow down girl we have all summer to enjoy! :P

First & Last day

Wyatt had his last day of preschool a few weeks ago.

First & Last day

We also got her first chapter book on Tuesday. We had a little mommy-daughter time and I picked out one and she immediately wanted to read it. I looked for a few books myself and she just sat in the children's area and read.

Then they had a summer reading program and we signed up for it. We had to do a little scavenger hunt about all the continents. We had to find each continent and then answer the question about what you should pack if you were to visit there. We found them all and then she got a little temporary tattoo. I felt bad Wyatt wasn't with us, but I didn't know this was going on until we got there.

I signed them both up for the program. For every 100 minutes they read they get a prize from the library and if they read 40 days from May 28-July 20 they get their name put in a drawing for a "surprise." Not sure what that is, but that would be really neat if one of them were to be chosen. Maddy already has 200 minutes of reading so far. Honestly! I keep track and she had read that much already. Wyatt can't read, but he knows Goodnight Moon almost by heart so he "reads" that, or I tell him to look at a book and think about what he's "reading" or Madison, Greg or I read to him. I can tell he can't wait to learn how to read himself.

Thursday we happened to catch the ice cream man AND I had cash! So they got to get some ice cream. They were so excited.


The past few days haven't been too eventful. I've just been cleaning the house, doing laundry, and doing a few Pinterest ideas. It's been really fun.

Including doing Maddy's hair. I found a few sites about doing little girl's hair and even though I'm definitely not a pro and I definitely need more practice she enjoyed it.

I also did some more gardening. I planted my irises and a lamb's ear plant. Pictures to follow soon.
I definitely haven't worked out as much as I should've but I plan to do it as much as I can. (And I did just get done working out a little bit ago. A short workout is better than none at all!) :)

Today the kids and I went to a donut shop we have here. I haven't been there in YEARS. They liked the donuts and juice. It's nice to treat them to breakfast since we usually don't go out to eat too often (and especially not in the mornings.)

Best picture I could get of them semi-looking at me. They were just enjoying their donuts too much! :P

They're at my mom's now spending time with her and their cousins.

Well that's about it. I hope you all have a great weekend--enjoy your *almost* summer!